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Rice Electronics' consultation and system design and integration services create the optimum video systems for your needs whether you're in the oil, maritime, or industrial facilities sector. Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification certifies us to sell, install, repair, rent, and integrate industrial electronic video systems as well as communication equipment. As a leader in security and surveillance technology, we offer a wide variety of video systems and secure access equipment to meet the demand of today’s markets. Oilfield closed circuit television systems, time lapse recorders, fiber optic networks, spread spectrum technologies and virtual private networks are just a few of the solutions we can offer. As the world becomes more vulnerable, security becomes paramount. Why not let Rice Electronics suggest a solution for your security needs?

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television Systems

We design CCTV systems for both security purposes, as well as for other complex construction actvities like remote access control. Mount a few video cameras at different locations on your cranes and feed their signals in real-time directly into the cab for greater safety, control and security on your ship, oil rig, or industrial plant. We can provide time lapse recorders to record work related activities (and to document accidents when they happen). All Rice Electronics systems can feature our custom designed and manufactured Explosion Proof Monitor Enclosures. Our products cover all levels of explosion-proof technologies:

TV Distribution

Utilizing state-of-the-art cable tv distribution technology, we're able to set up complex video systems that include direct feeds from Satellite TV, CCTV cameras, PC Computer output, instrumentation output, Remote Operated Cameras, all combined into one system viewable in multiple locations anywhere on your construction site.

Let Rice Electronics handle your maritime, oilfield, or industrial facility navigation, communication and video system needs.