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Rice Electronics’ expertise in oil field SubSea video system design and deployment is unsurpassed. We excel at creating systems for monitoring drilling operations below water at the wellhead. Our SubSea Television systems are used for security purposes, remote access control, and for monitoring complex oil drilling activites by providing inspection capabilities where it’s impossible otherwise. Placing our SubSea TV systems at strategic locations on your rig gives you the ability to monitor your drillbit or the placement of logging equipment as it enters downhole, for example and then feed TV signals in real-time directly to the surface. Our systems are also integrated with CCTV and ROV as well as TV distribution systems and our time lapse recorders can record work related activities and document accidents if and when they happen.

Rice Electronics SubSea TV systems feature our state-of-the-art custom designed and manufactured SubSea Driller Camera Systems complete with our custom Explosion-Proof Camera Enclosures. We also specialize in custom-designed Explosion-Proof Monitor Enclosures as well. Our products cover all levels :

Custom designs are available at Rice Electronics whether you require Class 1 Div 1 and 2 with purged housings and PC touch screens or simple standard monitors. Also interior down well cameras with pan and tilt capabilities or external cable drop systems can be built with coaxial or fiber optic designs capable to 10,000 feet with assemblies such as Guideline (to 6500 feet) Bombshell (to 10,000 feet) and Roller (to 10,000 feet).