Brands We Carry


  • ACR
  • Alden
  • Astron Corporation
  • Autonav
  • CEIS
  • Cetrek
  • C-Map
  • ComNav
  • Consilium


  • Andrews Corporation
  • Atkinson Dynamics
  • Celwave
  • CeoTronics
  • ComTrol
  • David Clark
  • Decibel Products
  • GaiTronics
  • ICOM America, Inc.


  • Blonder Tongue
  • D.G. O'Brien
  • Fiber Technologies
  • IFS
  • Impulse
  • KVH
  • Naval Electronics
  • OpTelecom
  • Pelco

System Integration

  • Advantech
  • Akron
  • Barnett Engineering
  • Powerware
  • DetCon
  • Gems
  • NASC
  • Pan Alarm
  • Pan American

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Rice Electronics offers a wide variety of proven products to enhance rig and platform performance, reliability, safety, and security as a fully integrated system. Our capabilities in combining this wide range of cutting edge technologies into an easily usable, customizable communications system are unsurpassed, even in the face of your most complex, demanding needs.


Rice Electronics weaves together all your communications technologies so that you can control them and use them as a fully integrated system, utilizing and capitalizing on the strengths of all the components - as well as piggy-backing on resources that are already present - such as cabling and wiring. We also excel at taking communications systems that already exist and updating, adding other systems, or creating greater economy and efficiency by eliminating redundancies.

For example, we can integrate your oil field fire alarm & gas alarms in combination with your PAGA, and your intercom - also using your PBX Phone lines - turning all of them into a fully controllable warning system with totally programmable and configurable zones.