Brands We Carry


  • ACR
  • Alden
  • Astron Corporation
  • Autonav
  • CEIS
  • Cetrek
  • C-Map
  • ComNav
  • Consilium


  • Andrews Corporation
  • Atkinson Dynamics
  • Celwave
  • CeoTronics
  • ComTrol
  • David Clark
  • Decibel Products
  • GaiTronics
  • ICOM America, Inc.


  • Blonder Tongue
  • D.G. O'Brien
  • Fiber Technologies
  • IFS
  • Impulse
  • KVH
  • Naval Electronics
  • OpTelecom
  • Pelco

System Integration

  • Advantech
  • Akron
  • Barnett Engineering
  • Powerware
  • DetCon
  • Gems
  • NASC
  • Pan Alarm
  • Pan American

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Cargo operations and docking/undocking operations are perhaps one of the most demanding on good communications. Reliability is the foundation in any process involving the safety of the crew and ship. An excellent principle in providing reliable communications is to standardize the equipment. In the event of a battery or microphone failure these items may be interchanged in order to overcome the immediate problem. Mixing and matching different makes and models only compromises the safety issues. Many of the newest handheld radios come with nickel metal hydride batteries that are resistant to memory problems. Memory problems come from repeated recharging when the battery is only partially drained. Soon the battery begins to lose power at precisely the point that has been recharged. Cycling the battery through a complete discharge and charge process several times can often restore the battery to full capacity.