Brands We Carry


  • ACR
  • Alden
  • Astron Corporation
  • Autonav
  • CEIS
  • Cetrek
  • C-Map
  • ComNav
  • Consilium


  • Andrews Corporation
  • Atkinson Dynamics
  • Celwave
  • CeoTronics
  • ComTrol
  • David Clark
  • Decibel Products
  • GaiTronics
  • ICOM America, Inc.


  • Blonder Tongue
  • D.G. O'Brien
  • Fiber Technologies
  • IFS
  • Impulse
  • KVH
  • Naval Electronics
  • OpTelecom
  • Pelco

System Integration

  • Advantech
  • Akron
  • Barnett Engineering
  • Powerware
  • DetCon
  • Gems
  • NASC
  • Pan Alarm
  • Pan American

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GPS or Global Positioning System is a precise navigation tool used at sea and on land to locate one's position. It employs the use of the polar orbiting satellite system that can not only measure one’s exact location on the earth's surface but can also pinpoint one’s elevation. A maritime GPS gyro can also give heading information like a gyrocompass. A regular GPS gives lat/lon. The availability of products range from pocket-size units with map overlays to chart table units with a myriad of output signals to interface with radar and electronic charting devices (ECDS).

We can take any sensor (for example, Latitude/Longitude, Wind Speed, and/or Wind Direction) and, through our special custom electronics design process, map it so that it is viewable in real-time on a computer via Inmarsat and/or through one of our custom-built web portals via Globalstar Satellite hookup.